Perimeter Guard

Best optimal virtual fence to ensure maximum protection

Are more people loitering off the designated path in your shop or mall? Is the thought of unwanted intrusion in your private or business space bothering you? You have all the reason to be worried as it could be a planned heist or any other potentially threatening activity. Secure the periphery of your property and avoid any kind of possible intrusion with the VigilEyes Perimeter Guard Solution.

Perimeter Guard

Key features


Intrusion detection

Identifies instances of loitering, its direction and maximum speed.



Designed to work in all weather conditions in both indoor and outdoor areas.


All-round compatibility

Connects with standard IP, infrared, thermal and embedded cameras.


Precision motion detection

3D models and machine learning prepare high-quality, real-time analytics.


User-friendly, browser-based UI

The central server can be either hosted or local and installed on mobile devices or advanced cloud systems.


Seamless integration

The event videos can be stored, displayed and forwarded using various video platforms, third party systems and external control room applications.

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At VigilEyes, we strongly believe in offering personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each of our customers, which is why all our installations are custom-developed and planted after complete onsite analysis. Our engineers will analyze the area and design every camera angle so as to give you a complete visual overview of the site. The in-house software development team and support team are always available for assistance.

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