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Custom-designed security and performance analytics to ensure reliable banking operations

Most heists begin with burglars disguising themselves as customers, loitering around and observing the security measures in place. They are equipped with all possible modern tools to rob your business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get ahead of them by installing an appropriate security solution? With VigilEyes Security Solutions for Banking and Financial, you can arm your enterprise with the latest surveillance systems and gain the upper hand.

Banking and Financial

How does this function

  • The whole perimeter is under the watch of cameras.
  • A virtual perimeter is created from the combined feed.
  • The system automatically actuates the alarm if it recognizes movement outside working hours.
  • The system can differentiate human presence from other natural occurrences like stray dogs.
  • It also identifies loitering in the compound and extended vehicle parking during non-working hours.
  • Alerts are sent out in the event of tampering, power failure, fire and internet loss.

Key features


Consolidated camera feed

Videos from every branch of the bank are linked to a single control room so all the banks can be viewed at the same time.


Prompt alerts

Any incident breach will be highlighted on the monitor for quick action.


Live access

Managers and employees (depending on hierarchy) can view video streams on mobile devices.

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At VigilEyes, we strongly believe in offering personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each of our customers, which is why all our installations are custom-developed and planted after complete onsite analysis. Our engineers will analyze the area and design every camera angle so as to give you a complete visual overview of the site. The in-house software development team and support team are always available for assistance.

If our solution reads like the answer to all the security issues in your bank or other financial enterprises,
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