Real-time Counter and Occupancy
Monitoring Solution

Your go-to tool to analyze daily business performance

Businesses, both small and large-scale, often bank on customer analytics to gain insights on data-driven parameters like people flow, peak hours and demographic. To aid businesses in their quest to simplify customer data, VigilEyes has developed the Real-time Counter and Occupancy Monitoring (RCOM) solution, a consistent and accurate people counting tool that includes comprehensive statistics and graphical reports.

Real-time Counter and Occupancy Monitoring solution

Key features



Video is saved in a secured server using an encrypted, password-protected VPN.

  • Count people entering or leaving a user-defined zone.
  • Create as many counting zones as desired per channel.
  • Complete flexibility due to sophisticated zones.
  • State-of-the-art statistics with numerous filter possibilities.

Occupancy monitoring

A breakdown of the number of people occupying a particular level, area or floor.

  • Count number of people per zone.
  • Connect multiple zones to a single occupancy monitor.
  • Send alerts if occupancy exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Send occupancy monitor for third-party integration.

Heat map

A graphical representation of collected data, with values represented in colors, showing which regions of a zone are occupied more than others. Additional features allow filtering of heat map by date and time and customized display.



Compile complete reports at one place and combine statistics in a single view for easy access.


User-friendly, browser-based user interface

The central server can be either hosted in a data center or deployed on-premise.


Seamless integration

Supports different platforms, browsers and camera types as well as provides interface to third-party systems.

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