3D Indoor People Counter

Integrated product to get insight on daily customer visit

As the owner of a retail store or a floor manager, you may often be stumped by the number of people visiting your enterprise all at once. At VigilEyes, we know how difficult it gets to keep track of and manage the crowds despite using CCTV cameras and thermal sensors. Keeping in mind this specific need, we have developed our VigilEyes 3D Indoor People Counter, a superior product that uses 3D sensors to offer video-based analysis of the number of people gathered at an indoor space.

Indoor People Counter

Key features


High-quality video analysis using 3D sensors:

Infrared pattern projection enabled sensors calculate the depth of the scene.



Counting done with a level of precision that is nearly impossible with standard CCTV cameras or thermal sensors.


3D cameras

The standalone camera comes with a 3D microchip and a 720p color sensor, which offer superior depth resolution and lowest latency.


One camera, many uses

The camera’s 0.4 meter – 8 meters range makes it ideal for a variety of scenarios, like gesture control, robotics and 3D scanning, among others.



Supports use of one or more sensors depending on the field-of-view of the scene.

Advantages of counting analysis:

  • Maintain time-based counting of the number of visiting customers.
  • Record variation in attendance over time.
  • Deploy staff based on the customer traffic.
  • Optimize climate control as per the people occupancy.
  • Identify the areas within the shop that attract more customers.
  • Locate specific areas to place special offer.
  • Identify vacant seats in a venue.
  • Calculate additional guests at an event during live scenarios.
  • Helpful in market analysis to recognize the impact of advertising campaign.
  • Point of sale optimization.
  • Improve the return on investment.

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At VigilEyes, we strongly believe in offering personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each of our customers, which is why all our installations are custom-developed and planted after complete onsite analysis. Our engineers will analyze the area and design every camera angle so as to give you a complete visual overview of the site. The in-house software development team and support team are always available for assistance.

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