Hosted Video Surveillance

A hosted and managed security system in which strangers have no access over the recorded video

It is common practice to store surveillance videos on a local hard drive or a NAS, Network Attached Storage device. But, have you considered what will happen to all your security footage in case of a hard drive failure or if a burglar purposely damages the recordings to destroy evidence? At VigilEyes, we understand your security arrangement is one of the critical assets of your enterprise or home. That’s why we have designed the one-of-a-kind cloud solution. With a copy of your surveillance footage backed up to cloud server, it’s like having an additional copy safe from vandalism and drive failure.

Hosted Video Surveillance

Key features


Secure data transmission

Video is saved in a secured server using an encrypted, password-protected VPN.



Choose from 24 hours back-up to months of recording, which requires only minimum internet upload speed.



The back-up facility is built to support all brands of cameras and video recorders. Audio is also recorded, where available.


Motion-based detection alerts

Differentiate between human presence and natural activities like wind or movement of pets. Threats and intrusions conveyed via SMS, email, push notification alert and calls.


Affordable pricing

Packages starts as low as 1.5 EUR per month and can be customized as per your requirements.

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At VigilEyes, we strongly believe in offering personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each of our customers, which is why all our installations are custom-developed and planted after complete onsite analysis. Our engineers will analyze the area and design every camera angle so as to give you a complete visual overview of the site. The in-house software development team and support team are always available for assistance.

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