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Features & Benefits

Easy to Start

No servers, storage mechanisms or other hardware are required to be installed at your premises. Start at the moment you get your Service Management Portal by using your personal computer.

Easy to Implement

No complex configurations are required while installing our services. You can set up the services with a single click. No complicated technical knowhow is required to carry out the implementation.

Easy to Maintain

Since no hardware is installed at your end and limited hardware is present at the customer's, the maintenace part is very small. Easy service maintenance options are available from your Service Management Portal.

Easy on Pocket

Our services do not require you to make any large investments on costly servers. Nor do they bombard you with unexpected maintenance costs. You just have to pay for the services used by your customers.

Easy to Expand

There is no limitation on the number of customers you can have. There is no limitation on the locations where you can have customers. Wherever you go, we will be there to assist you. Your Service Management Portal has integrated Agent Management features to help you as you grow.

Easy to manage

All our partners are provided with a partner portal which includes extensive features and management tools like support ticket system and camera management. With our integrated support ticketing system, you may automate support communications which results maximum customer satisfaction.

How it Works!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VigilEyes Security Platform "CloudSentryx"?

VigilEyes Security Platform "CloudSentryx" is a hosted software service which can help you to provide Security as a Service (SaaS) to your customers.

What are its components?

CloudSentryx has hosted servers for service management, media management, data storage and alert mangement, a Service Management Portal (SMP) and a Customer Portal (CP).

Which all security services are supported?

Currently it supports Remote Video Surveillance service. Video Analytics, Access Control and Tracking services are expected to be released very soon.

What all features are there in the Service Management Portal?

It enables you to manage your customers and their services, to manage agents, to provide customer support and to manage your bills and payments.

What all features are there in the Customer Portal "Service Zone"?

Customer Portal "Service Zone", will enable a customer to manage all the services under his account.

Is it secure?

Yes. VigilEyes uses the most advanced servers hosted at highly secured data centres. All the communications are encrypted. The Service Zone is protected with 256-bit EV-SSL encryption from Digicert. The protection measures are regularly strengthened with new updates.

Who is VigilEyes?

We are a global security service provider based in Europe. After two decades of service in the telecommunication industry, we entered the security service industry with the VigilEyes Security Platform.

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